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      She sunk into a chair and covered her eyes with her hand. He stood for a moment motionless, then he went to her side, and looking down at her with pallid face, said, hoarsely and slowly, as if he were weighing every word:I dont know when I am going to be married, said Esmeralda in a lower voice, and with her eyes bent on the ground. And I have not chosen any bride-maids. I dont know any one. I shall be glad if you will be one. But I dont know anything about it.

      She did not start, and scarcely blushed, but looked at him a little timidly.But he was sorry, a moment afterward, that he had allowed the question to escape him, for Varley looked as if he had been struck.

      Lady Wyndover sat and gazed beyond him, breathing hard.




      I had a stick somewhere, he said. Where did I put it? Oh, I remember, I left it in the anteroom last night.