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      The sleeping room for the Small Ones was, by comparison with the great Commons Room only the masters inhabited, a tiny place. It had only the smallest of windows, so placed as to allow daylight without any sight of the outside; the windows were plastic-sheeted slits high up on the metal walls, no more. The room was, at best, dim, during the day, but that hardly mattered: during the day the room was empty. Only at night, when the soft artificial lights went on, shedding the glow from their wall-shielded tubes, was the room fit for normal vision. There were no decorations, of course, and no chairs: the Alberts had no use for chairs, and decorations were a refinement no master had yet bothered to think of. The Alberts were hardly taught to appreciate such things in any case: that was not what they had come to learn: it was not useful.

      "You couldn't spik to me lik this if it wur a dream, Harrycould you, dear?"

      "I never beat my wife."

      "I want to go into Peasmarsh," he said to Albert; "if F?ather comes and asks where I am, you can always tell him I've gone over to Grandturzel about that colt, can't you now?""You don't seem to have a clear idea of numbers. How many regiments have you got over there?"

      "The orders is to stay right here for the night," said the Orderly-Sergeant, coming up through the brush to Si, "and be ready for anything that comes. I don't know what old Sherman meanswhether he is going to send over some balloons to lift us to the top of the rocks, or set us to tunneling through. I suppose it ain't my business to know. I've got enough to do running this company. But something's got to bust inside the next 24 hours, and when it does there'll be the dumbedest smash this country ever saw. Stay where you are till further orders, and make yourselves as comfortable as possible."

      U hav now bin away a hole month, & I haint seen no Gunn!Now, out on a far planet there's a strange race. Maybe you've heard about them, because they work for us, they help get us the metals we need to keep going. They're part of the big line of supply that keeps us all alive, you and me both.


      "No, we can't. There's naun the matter wud her really. She's always crying.""We go together," she said at last "Two go where one has gone. Only so do I leave at all."