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      The solemn butler announced dinner, and Lady Wyndover, linking her arm in Esmeraldas, led her into the dining-room."No, no, no," Isola protested hurriedly. "No, we can never meet again in this world. I took my farewell of her in the church. I meant it to be farewell. I was very happy for her sake when I saw her married to the man she loved. It was a selfish repining that made me ask for her just now. I would not have her summoned here for worlds. She is so happy at Venicehappy in her honeymoon dream. Tell her nothing, Martinnothing till you can tell her that my days have ended peacefully. She has borne her burden for me in the past. I want her to be free from all care about mebut not to forget me."

      Then Im glad Varley and none of the boys are here! said Lady Wyndover. My dear, we all get into the paper nowadays, and most of us are bitterly disappointed if we get left out. People like to read about usI mean by us the upper class, and we like to read about each otherits the fashion. Youll soon get used to seeing your name in print, I assure you. And now let me tell you what you are to do to-morrowwhat you are not to do. Thank Heaven, you are naturally such good form that you only want a few hints about quite little things. About shaking hands, now, dear. You hold out your hand in the old-fashioned way; no one does that now. Its in this way, see?

      Gone? When?

      He stood for a moment or two with bowed head, his breath laboring, his face dark.

      By the time they had reached the bend of the road they found the men awaiting them. They looked a formidable band, and their silence was more ominous than any shouting or fierce oaths could have been. Some of the mens faces were as white as Varleys own, and there was a look on Taffys so full of blood-thirstiness that for a moment or two Norman could not take his eyes from him.

      He crushed the letter in his hand, then let it fall upon the ground and put his foot upon it. He understood now why Esmeralda had been so startled at meeting Norman on her wedding-morning. A hundred little circumstances rose in his mind to help to condemn her. His heart was torn with conflicting emotions; there was wounded love, outraged honor, the terrible ruin of all his faith and trust. But with it all there was a feeling that the gods had only meted out to him bare justice. He had married her for her money; when proposing to her, he had not spoken of love; well, she had given him her money, she had bestowed her love upon Norman!Do you always carry the end of her chain, Trafford? said Lord Selvaine. Angels have an awkward knack of flying; a woman without vanity must be an angel.


      You mean that they will hold her to ransom? asked Norman, feverishly.I mean, said Varley, attempting to roll a cigarette but failing, I mean that only one of us shall leave this place alive. You are a gentleman and a nobleman, and therefore, I presume, a good shot. I also am accounted a fair one. We are therefore equal. We will measure out twenty pacesand fight at that.


      Thank God! said Norman.No; Ive only been talking to Norman.


      It was a telegram from The Manor saying that his mother was ill, and asking him to come at once. With the deftness of a well-trained servant, the man helped him to dress as quickly as possible.