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      "Wait a moment," said the blue commander, and vanished.Lady Wyndover sprung to her feet.

      Help! Help! she screamed. Shall we fear this one man? Are we not strong enough to capture him?Flora sparkled: "But don't you know--perchanze?"

      The Attic plain lay outspread before her in the sunlight. Here were no waving grain-fields, no luxuriant12 vineyards; the layer of soil that covered the rocks was so thin that the scanty crop of grass could only feed a few goats. Here and there appeared a few gnarled olive-trees, whose green-grey foliage glistened with a silvery lustre, and wherever there was a patch of moisture the earth was covered with a speckled carpet of crocus, hyacinth, and narcissus blossoms.

      He read the telegram with half-closed eyes and tightened lips.

      "And lets time--?"Varley nodded.


      Trafford did not like to turn back, for he was as uncertain about the other road as he was concerning this, and it occurred to him that the track must lead somewhere, so he put the horse to a trot and rode on. After covering some miles, the track mounted a hill to escape a torrent, and then, to Traffords disappointment, dipped down again toward the valley.


      De black-snake love' de blackbird' nes',


      Yet in his way Callippides seemed to be an honest man, for, little as it might have been expected, here and there appeared a sentence whose result had gone against him, as for instance:Of Three Star Camp, and very much at your service, said Varley, with his little drawl. May I ask the same question?