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      He resumed his statement. "At first, of course, I paid no attention to these rumors; my ears and eyes were closed against them by that blind, foolish trust in you, of which I have spoken. By and by, they came thicker and faster, and in a shape to compel my consideration. I began to understand that the possible heir of Bergan Hall possessed an immense advantage over the humble physician;although it might be well to keep a hold on the latter until the former was secure, and his inheritance certain. By way of two strings to the bow, there might be two secret engagements. I commenced an investigation. I traced the reports which I have mentioned back to their source"

      [49]"Of course not," replied Dick, coloring and laughing. "Doctor Remy will find out that Den sviges vaerst, som sviger sig selv,He is worse cheated who cheats himself. But," he added, with a quick change of countenance, "he must have found it out already."

      "No, he is an idle man. I dare say the time will come when I shall be plagued with him, and be almost obliged to suggest that he should keep race-horses, or go on the Stock Exchange, to occupy his time. I have heard women say that it is terrible to have a stay-at-home husband. Yet Martin is never de tropbut then Martin can bury himself in a book. He has no fidgety ways."

      "It was not a delusion," she cried, putting her arms round his neck, in a sudden rapture at being pardoned. "My love was real.""I am happy, Martin, quite happy, happier than I ever thought to be, now that you are home again. What have I more to desire?"

      Lord Norman laughed approvingly.

      "There is often no accounting for resemblances," said he. "When there is any tie of blood, however remote, we understand them, of course; but when the face of an utter stranger startles me in the street with the very smile of my sister Eleanor, or the grave look of my dead father, what am I to think?""Fond of him! After you he is all that I have in this worldexcept Allegra, who will float away into a world of her own by-and-by, and belong to us no more."


      CHAPTER VIII."As you love your husband, for instance."


      "Now, Master Bergan," said she, pointing to a great, carved acorn, "take hold of that, and push this way.""My dearest, there is nothing in all this to distress you," said Disney, with infinite gentleness. "It is not your fault that the man is a cad; but it would be my fault if I were to allow you or Allegra to go to his house again."


      "But it will cost you such a lot of money to take us all away, Martin; and you could not leave Allegra or the baby. Doctors have such expensive ideas."