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      "Steward," said Isabella, turning quickly to Calverley, "see that the vassals have obeyed your orders. Remember, the varlet must be found!" And, as Calverley withdrew, she said to De Boteler with a thrill of apprehension, "Roland, do you not remember the words of the monk when our first darling was lying a corpse? 'The blight has fallen on the blossombeware of the tree!'" De Boteler's countenance changed while she spoke, from anger to thoughtfulness."I'm only fleeing from the wrath to c?ameand if you're wise you'll foller me. This farm is the city of destruction, I tell you, it's a snare of the devil, it's Naboth's vineyard, it's the lake that burneth wud fire and brimstone. C?ame out of her, c?ame out of her, my peoples!"

      "Foul mouthed witch!" interrupted De Boteler, "keep thy tongue silentno morelest I anticipate justice by hanging you at your own threshold!"Joe and Caro joined the dancers on their arrival. It was the first time in her life that Caro had danced at the Fair, and the experience thrilled her as wonderfully as if it had not been just a link in the chain of a hundred new experiences. The hurdy-gurdy was playing "See me Dance the Polka," and off they skipped, to steps of their own, betraying in Dansay's case a hornpipe origin.

      "And does your abbot think, when the hope of my house has perished, whether by false incantations or deadly poison, thatDepart, monk!" continued he, in a choked voice, "and tell your abbot that this woman's guilt or innocence shall be tried by the laws of the realm.""Well," interrupted Calverley, with a contemptuous smile"well, well, Byles, I see you prefer a jail for yourself, and beggary and starvation for your wife and child. Ayeperhaps to ask bread from Stephen Holgrave."

      "Not so fast, Master Calverley. Did you ever send in the direction of Dean Forest?"


      "Down wud Bardon!"



      She suddenly caught sight of his Latin grammar.