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      "We're turning in to be landed, are we not?" asked Anna as the stars began to wheel.One day in the last week of the siege a young mother in the Callenders' cave darted out into the sunshine to rescue her straying babe and was killed by a lump of iron. Bombardments rarely pause for slips like that, yet the Callenders ventured to her burial in a graveyard not far from "Carrollton Gardens." As sympathy yet takes chances with contagions it took them then with shells.

      Mother Melinda laughed againchuckled, rather."Fred, if you knew all that girl has done for that boy and that grandmother--It may sound like an overstatement, but you must have observed--"

      She trembled; she was face to face with a terrible situation.

      "No one ordered it. It was a senseless mistake. Some private soldiers who knew that my lines of survey passed through the house--"


      Where were the men? Lyrcus repeated, in a tone which demanded an answer."I uz bawn wid a talent fo' de ladies."


      "Yes, Monday, just at the last," he murmured.


      Dont call me that, said Esmeralda.