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      He looked around again, saw Nate taking his place along with the other men selected, and called out:

      Ive just thought of a good scheme. Has Jeffertaken you into his confidence any?

      Sandy suspected her right away! went on the jovial one, but no arrest was made.

      Flying fast, in a steep descent, they went across the nose of the amphibian, and in the turmoil of their propeller wash she went almost out of control, and before her pilot caught up his stability the hydroplane raced across her path in a slanting line and made for the small round object bobbing in the trough between two swells.

      "I'd want it a heap sight better land than this is 'round here," said the Deacon, studying the land scape judicially. "Most of it that I've seen so far is like self-righteousness the more a man has the worse he's off. Mebbe it'll raise white beans, but I don't know o' nothin' else, except niggers and poverty. The man that'd stay 'round here, scratchin' these clay knobs, when there's no law agin him goin' to Injianny or Illinoy, hain't gumption enough to be anything but a rebel. That's my private opinion publicly expressed.""If we're goin' to shoot him, let's do it right off," said Si, looking at the cap on his gun. "The company's gittin' ready to start back."

      "Chiggers. What are they?" asked the Colonel.

      Matched stonesand priceless, added Larry. The paper said they were a present to one of Mr. Everdails ancestors by one of the most fabulously rich Hindu Nabobs who ever lived.


      Speaking seriously, Jeff replied to Larrys challenge.


      "'All right," said de Adjutant-General, without taking much interest in the matter. 'Do with him as you please. A Jew more or less isn't of any consequence. Probably he deserves hanging, though, but it isn't well to encourage the boys to hang men on sight. They're quite too ready to do that, anyway.'